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Intro to Soil Microbes Class

February 22nd 2018 6:15-7:15pm @ Hamline Midway Library  You've seen the headlines, heard the gossip, but who in the world are these soil microbes?? Soil is the key to solving most of the problems we face today. Healthy soils clean and hold water, remediate pollution, sequester carbon, and grow nutrient-dense food. How? Countless microbes working [...]

Vermicomposting 101 Workshop

Want to compost indoors all year round? Join Renaissance Soil at Frogtown Farm for a Vermicomposting 101 Workshop!   Saturday March 3rd 10-11:30am @ Frogtown Farm 941 Lafond Ave St. Paul Suggested Donation: $10    Limited amount of worms for purchase at the event first come first serve: $20 for 500 worms $30 for 500 worms [...]

Why Renaissance Soil?

We live in an age of chemical dependency. We use chemistry to grow our foods, to maintain our lawns and homes, and to control our health. This dependence has developed over the course of the industrial revolution gaining incredible steam after World War 2. Post-war factories used to build weapons were converted into fertilizer production plants and left over munitions were sold to farmers for field applications. Since then, large scale industrial farmers as well as urban homeowners have come to rely on superficially cheap chemicals to maintain the appearance of healthy land. We know now that these chemicals are not cheap. They cost many billions of lives from the tiniest soil microbes to the buzzing bees all the way to our children, our loved ones, and ourselves.