At Potter Ridge Farm, we are resuscitating the life in the soil and reviving our connection with the Earth while learning how to grow good food and happiness.

We are:

We focus on the soil because it is the foundation. We grow our food from it. Build our communities and families upon it. Healthy soils store carbon – helping us combat climate change by sinking CO2 from the air. Healthy soils hold, infiltrate, and clean water – helping us protect our watersheds and our future. For us, it’s obvious: partnering with nature to build healthier soil is the number one solution to countless problems. And it’s not that hard!

Street art in Bogota, Colombia – “The food we eat, the water we drink, they come from the Earth”
Beneficial soil fungi under the microscope. Soil fungi play a critical role in supporting plant health, cycling nutrients, and storing carbon in the soil.